Monday, March 15, 2010

Women in Shades

March is Women's History Month

This month, Shades is celebrating Women's History Month and it has just hit the newsstands! [Well, the digital ones, that is.]  That's right, 73 pages of yummy goodness.  So, if you have female ancestors [and don't tell me you don't], then you absolutely must check it out!  Don't have female ancestors?  You're lying, so go read it! [wink]  Oh, and there's an article from a certain fave professional photo restoration artist of mine.  I'd tell you her name, but why don't you go look at her awesome article.  

While you're there perusing  the beautiful old photographs, don't forget to check out my new article which focuses on the theme for Women's History Month ~ putting women back into history ~ Where They Belong.


Shades of the Departed

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