Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Annie and the Archdiocese of New Orleans

Okay, I looked. Well, I Googled. After the marriage record success of yesterday's find which came by mail from Louisiana, I took a 10 minute break to eat lunch and then Googled the Archdiocese of New Orleans. And according to their very helpful and very long and detailed information concerning how a genealogist goes about finding a marriage record for their 2nd great grandparents who married somewhere in New Orleans {and hopefully in a Catholic church} in 1874, I found the following information useful for my needs:

  1. The cut-off for privacy and full access is 1930. {Excellent.}
  2. All genealogical requests must be sent via email or written mail. {Okey dokey.}
  3. If I don't know the exact church of where the sacrament took place, I must include detailed information like parent's names, exact date of sacrament, who performed the marriage, if it was a marriage, etc. {No problemo.}
  4. For marriages after 1845, requests must include the name of the church or the address of the applicants, especially the bride's. {Crap.}
  5. Check the city directories at the New Orleans Public Library's Main Branch. {Okay.}

I have previously checked the city directories for New Orleans on Ancestry.com with no luck for Annie and maybe some luck for Daniel although it's not conclusive. One Daniel Vaughn/Vaughan is definitely not him, but a Dan Vaughn may be him. Can't tell for sure.

So. I will check other online places for the directories. Does Ancestry have them all? According to the 1900 census, Annie came to America in 1872 {And who knows how accurate that is? I've previously looked for her on passenger records and on immigration records with no success}, and I believe the city directories on Ancestry.com had thru 1871 and not 1872, 1873, or 1874 and then they pick up after that . 

And I'll also check to see if Clayton Library has them or if FamilySearch.org lists anything for them or if they have them on microfilm. And I'll definitely check to see if the New Orleans main library does lookups of them.

So. I need to survey what is available for New Orleans City Directories and look for an address for Annie if I want the Archdiocese of New Orleans Archives to look for Daniel and Annie's marriage record. Or send in the request with the so-so address I have for a Dan Vaughan. And I really don't like that option.

Or? I could do some in-depth looking for a Rev. Gleason in city directories and newspapers to try to narrow which Catholic Parish he was working in around 1874. Surely he presided over a funeral that was written up in an New Orleans newspaper in 1874, right?

I'll do both.

Baby Steps. But I'm getting there.

I'm getting closer to Annie.


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  1. Fold3 has New Orleans city directories from 1861 to 1923 - searchable (with difficulty sometimes).

    If you don't have a subscription, a local FHC or library might. Or a friend.

  2. I think knowing the priest's name negates the need for the address of the bride. If NOLA is anything like Philadelphia, they want the address to determine the church. They should have a directory of priests that would indicate where he was stationed at that time. I think you should just call or email them before doing a lot of searching for her address (not that it isn't a good thing to know, just sayin').

  3. I did a search in GenealogyBank.com for Rev Gleason for the time period 1870-1875 and found one article about the funeral for a Father Duffy, Thursday, Sep 10, 1874 in the St Alphonsus church. It shows that the Deacon was a Father Gleason. I don't know if a deacon can perform weddings, just a thought. Hope this helps.

  4. Deacons can perform weddings in the Catholic church, at least by today's standards. Not sure about the rules in 1874. I have had luck with my Michigan ancestors by scanning the "Churches" section of the city directories. A city directory should list all the churches and their pastors and associate pastors. The "churches" section is usually in the front of the city directory where they are giving general info about the city.

  5. Randy, I let my fold3.com subscription because I wasn't using it, but perusing their titles, I cannot discern which publisher's city directories they have digitized, which shame on them because shouldn't that be included? There were multiple publishers publishing city directories for that time period.

    Donna, I agree with you, but there's a method to my madness. And I do want her address if at all possible.

    Finn, thank you very much! That helps me out a great deal.

    Jennifer, thank you for your input because that helps me out a great deal as well.



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