Saturday, December 22, 2012

Collaborative Genealogy Works

Okay. This is awesome. I shared in my last post quite a bit on where I was on my DAR & UEL applications. {Probably too much. Boring, no?}

Anywho, I posted and then went about my Christmas preparations which are quite a bit right now, a couple of days before Christmas.

But? I had had asked a question to y'all at the end of my post which is something I suggest on my blog,, family history bloggers do at the end of their blog posts to get readers engaged as well as to encourage collaboration from readers and most especially potential cousins.

I asked y'all if y'all had any suggestions especially on the Louisiana records that I needed to survey more.

And I received some awesome suggestions, some of which I knew about {and that's good because I may not have known about them}.

And then Jennifer Sepulvado suggested the online index of marriages from the Louisiana Archives and if its there, then a copy of the marriage license can be ordered online for $5.

So, guess who just ordered a copy of Daniel and Annie's marriage license from 1874?

The same person who owes Jennifer a huge BIG THANK YOU!

Me. Daniel & Annie's 2nd great granddaughter.

So, how's that for fast collaborative genealogy?

Note: Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. Keep them coming! :)

Another Note: I quickly did this blog post on my iPhone using the Blogger app. It's an on-the-go-post 'cause I'm on-the-go with Christmas prep {Read: shopping & baking.}.

And Another Note: The Mayans were wrong and it turns out I have to do the work.



  1. So glad I could help! Can't wait to hear about the results! I almost didn't say anything because I figured you already knew about it. The LA state archives records databases are nice and the price they charge is VERY reasonable. If the church isn't named in the record, maybe you can look at the New Orleans city directories at to see which church lists the priest named in the record. Merry Christmas!

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