Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Goals, Balls, & Big Paw Paw

Okay. This is my second attempt at writing this blog post. The first one disappeared, and since this was meant to be EASY, you're gonna get the short version.

  • I've buddied with Jenna at Desperately Seeking Surnames. Why? Mainly because I liked her idea of just 3 goals.
  • I've created 3 goals as well for 2012 for this blog in particular. Why only 3? Because I've 2 professional blogs with many more goals. [And I've buddied up with Kim Von Aspern-Parker from the blog Le Maison Duchamp for those. And if you go read her goals and action plans, you'll clearly see how far behind I already am, which is why I partnered with her. She's gonna keep me in line. I hope.]
The 3 Goals
  1. Continue Big Paw Paw's stories. The man was baaad. And that makes him SO good to write about.
  2. Continue my They Had Balls series. Cuz who doesn't want to read about that? It was kicked off by Big Paw Paw & then his story automatically demanded his own series. I continued it with the probable pirate in the family [some readers have dubbed him Captain Eddie. Love that.] I still have Loyalists, witches, fornicators, prisoners, murderers, and those who've been murdered. And they all had balls [the proverbial ones]. And stories to reveal. In fact, these ancestors are demanding it.
  3. Create Landing Pages for ancestors whose stories are long and varied, like Big Paw Paw. I've new followers/readers all the time who could benefit from links to all the stories about a particular ancestor in one place when they come and visit.
So there you go. Simple pimple. [Cuz the other blogs' lives are completely mapped out. God and Kim help me. ;) ]



  1. Ok, so Miss Caroline, where is the post letting us in on what goals you are attempting Professionally? Or at least a private e-mail message to your buddy? ~Kim

  2. Those are coming next by the end of the weekend. Tonight my husband & I are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary, which is really tomorrow. Pro goals are forthcoming. :)


  3. Good goals, always love your stories. You were meant to entertain!

  4. Pssstt.. Caroline, I tagged you..come on over and play....

  5. Happy Blogiversary, Caroline!


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