Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Keeping People On Their Toes

Meet Annie (Pointer) Paddelford Ritter and either Mr. Paddelford or Mr. Ritter. I have a Pointer and Williams Family Reunion photo from 1914 [It's the one in my blog header up above.], and in it is Annie's 2nd husband, Mr. Ritter, who looks nothing like this man above. Therefore, I think this is her first husband, Charles Paddelford.  I first introduced you to Annie with a postcard that she sent her brother Harvey Lewis Pointer, my husband's 1st great-grandfather, in the blog post I Just Needed a Sign.

I just love this photo of Annie. Her hat just screams fun! Zany! And with her eyeglasses she looks like a school teacher, doesn't she? I don't believe she was a school teacher, though. I wonder if she was ever told she looked like one? I get that a lot, especially when I'm doing research on the go at one of the kids' basketball practices. With all the paperwork I'm poring over, they just naturally assume I'm grading papers. Or when people learn that my degree is in English, they always assume I teach it. I love keeping people on their toes, and I think that's what I like about this photo of Annie. She just looks like she kept people on their toes too.

Plus? I love the fact that a postcard of Annie's still exists and is in the family archives.



  1. Love the hat. Is that a bird on top? ;-)

  2. Annie had style, that's for sure!

  3. What a lovely photo and discussion! Ah yes, the hat - she definitely shows a lot of personality in this photo. Isn't it amazing that we have information and photos of our long-ago ancestors!!
    Cheers - Celia

  4. And from the male point of view it looks like the fellow left his hat out in the field. That tan line is of a man who spent his life out of doors.

  5. Annie looks like she would have been a blast to be around and definitely kept people on their toes! Great photo, Caroline, and truly a treasure to own.


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