Friday, February 4, 2011

Vanessa Williams Trumps Big Paw Paw

[Well, she trumps him tonight, anyways.]
Yes, more about my grandfather, Big Paw Paw, [his naughtiness is riveting, is it not?] will be next week.  But I thought I'd remind y'all about the best T.V. show ever [if you're a genealogist or if you're interested in family history, or family secrets, or family stories, and I am]: NBC's Who Do You Think You Are? will be on tonight.  Don't miss it or if you have to , DVR it.  Vanessa Williams will be introducing us to a part of her family story.  Here's a preview:

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  1. Thanks SO much for reminding me of the airing of Who Do You Think You Are? tonight. We have had such a dramatic weather problem here in Dallas with all of the ice and snow and freezing temperatures that we are not used to, I had totally forgotten it. I am so looking forward to it. Now to get into my snuggly pjs and my hot chocolate and I'm all set!


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