Friday, September 10, 2010

The Shearer Sisters

Before the Pointer Sisters...

Courtesy of Share Seeking

There were the Shearer sisters.

That's right.  The Shearer sistersOn the bottom right-hand corner is Julia Ann Shearer who married Jordan Williams.  And they were Pearl's grandparents.  [I wonder what she called Julia Ann.  Mee-Maw?  Nana?  Grandma?  Grandmother?  Personally, I think she looks like a Mee-Maw.  Plus, it's fun to say.]

Anywho, the sister in the top left-hand corner is Mary Shearer [Yeah. I know.  Another Mary. *sigh*], and she married John C. Belcher, Jr.  And together they raised little Harve Pointer [who became a handsome Harve later on].  I guess it's not really a mystery how Harve and Pearl met.  I wonder if it was love at first sight?  I don't mean to be greedy, but a diary would be nice.  Or perhaps some letters.  Or something.  [A genea-girl can dream.]

So the Shearer sisters lived near each other in Iowa, and were so gracious to sit down for this portrait.  A couple of days after the Pointer family reunion, Great-Aunt Dorothy showed me this photo and asked me if I knew who they were.  Right off the top of my head, I couldn't tell her, but I took a picture of it with my digital camera.  Turned out, though, Great-Uncle Donald had a copy of the photo.  And it was identified.  [Oh, how I love Great-Uncle Donald.]

These Shearer sisters look so serious in this photo.  I wonder, though, if they would've started dancing to Sisters Sledge's We Are Family.  I like to think that they would've.  Maybe in the kitchen while making bread.  And pies.  [Which reminds me.  Great-Aunt Dorothy makes a mean cherry pie.  My favorite.]  I can just see them shaking what God gave them.  Can't you?

Oh, by the way, there were some Pointer sisters in the family.  Remember Harve and Pearl's boys [one of which is Great-Uncle Donald]?  Yeah, well, before they had the boys, they had 2 girlsGoodness, Pearl sure had her hands full.  But I'll talk about them later.

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Paper & elements from Purple Petals Designs by Erica Belton via DSP.
Elements from Ticket to Love Designs by Nicole Young via DSP.
Word Art from the Legacy Collection by Keri Schueller via Scrap Girls.

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