Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Daniel and Emma (Belcher) Pointer

Daniel and Emmaline "Emma" (Belcher) Pointer are buried in Woodland Cemetery in Iowa Center, Story County, Iowa.  I mentioned yesterday that Daniel was the son of Lemuel and Sarah (Mountz) Pointer, and that Daniel was now off my "bad side" because Great-Aunt Dorothy showed me his [and Emma's] graves and that Great-Uncle Donald shared a photo of Daniel with me.  [Many thanks to the both of them.  These kinds of details add so much to the story.]

Daniel had a total of four wives [which originally helped to put him on my "bad side"].  His first wife was Harriet Johnson and they married in about 1862.  I think.  As far as I can tell, they had only one child together.  A son named John R. Pointer in 1863And what happened to Harriet?  I dunno.  That's a good question.  If I had to guess, I'd say she probably died because by the 1870 census, Daniel has married Emmaline Belcher [marriage was 8 Mar 1866 in Iowa], and John R. is listed as his son on this census along with, 2 daughters, Jeanette "Nettie" and Elizabeth.  Now. I say "probably" Harriet died because that would be the logical assumption since her son John R. is living with his dad and his dad's 2nd wife, Emma.  However, until I have some proof of her death, we can't rule out that maybe Daniel was into polygamy or that Harriet ran off with a carny to be in the circus or that Harriet divorced him and left John R.  [Who knows?  It could or could've happened.  I like to keep my options open.]

Daniel and Emma had the following children [as best as I can tell] all born in Iowa:
  • Jennette "Nettie" B. was b.abt. 1867
  • Anna Elizabeth or Elizabeth Anna, but they called her Annie was b. Jul 1869 [This is the one that married a man by the name of Charles Padelford, then when he died, she married a man by the last name of Ritter, then she moved to California, then Canada, and God knows where else.  She keeps me on my toes.  But I've got some photos of her.  Wait 'till you see her.]
  • George Washington was b.4 May 1872 and died in Saskatchewan, Canada [Cuz, why make it easy?  But I've got photos of him, too.]
  • William "Bill" was b.abt.1876  [And wait until you hear this man's story and see his photos.  He made the papers.  And not in a good way.]
  • Lucille was b. Jun 1879 and died in 1909 in Long Beach, California.
  • Harvey "Harve" Lewis Pointer was b. 28 Sep 1882 in Iowa Center, Story Co, IA and died 14 Jan 1927 in Collins, Story Co, IA.  [This is my husband's great-grandfather, and he's got a story, too.  Don't we all?]
Daniel's wife, Emma, died 16 Jun 1884 in Iowa Center, Story Co, IA and was laid to rest in Woodland Cemetery [a.k.a. Iowa Center Cemetery].

Daniel went on to marry twice more to first a Lena Sophia Knese 1 Jun 1892, and then married an Elizabeth Gates on 8 Jan 1902 [And, hey, what a coincidence.  That's my and my husband's wedding anniversary, too.  Um.  Just not the "1902" part.  I'm not that old.]  I don't know what happened to these wives of Daniel's, but I'm assuming they died until a better explanation comes along, or until I find the evidence.  [Again, I'm keeping my options open.]  To the best of my knowledge, he did not have any more children with anyone.  [But, who knows?  Maybe he did.  You can never be too sure about ancestors.]   Daniel passed away 12 Nov 1908 in Canbridge, Story Co, IA and was laid to rest next to his 2nd wife Emma.  Below is their shared tombstone and their "Mother" and "Father" place markers.

Daniel & Emma's shared tombstone from Emma's side.
Close up of Daniel's side and...
...Close up of Emma's side.

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