Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Ode To Family

Oftentimes I'm asked,
Why I've made finding
my family a task.

So here below
My 'Ode to Family"
To you I bestow.

I have a 2nd great-grandfather
With whom I bother.

A bugler, a fifer, or a drummer
In the Civil War, which one was he?
I often wonder if he ever played the
'Yankee Doodle Dandy'.

And when he looked into the eyes
O' the young Irish lass,
I wonder if he told her
'Tis her beauty that could not be surpassed.

One more thing 'bout them I'd like to ask;
How long did it take for her to get him
to the altar for Catholic mass?

Then, so her courageous story won't get
Stuck in a drawer;
My great Aunt Anne I study more & more.
All about driving that ambulance in France
During the second World War;
I'd be honored to write her memoir.

Am I truly a daughter of the American Revolution;
A fifth great-granddaughter of a Patriot of this great nation?

I'd also like to close the book on the lives
Who were so violently taken;
So their memory will never be forsaken.

Arrgh! A pirate lurks way back there;
I often wonder, "Did he stand tall on his corsair?"

And let's not forget the history of transportation.
A Chief Messenger of the railway, and
A teamster from Michigan.

Then my grandfather the bean counter
Who quite a bit ago
Once worked for an oil company in Tampico.

Also the man who I would've loved to meet
Who definitely led me on a wild goose chase.
My Dad's dad who was so tight-lipped;
No matter, he was well worth the trip.

There is also my great-grandfather
Who came from Prussia on Christmas Day;
Who disembarked from his ship
To view the beautiful Galveston Bay.

Then there were those who were bawdy
After being given a toddy.

And yet still those who were a bit frisky
After a bit o' Irish Whiskey.

Those who acted bravely,
And those who acted cowardly.

There were those who were feisty, flirty & flowery;
And those who came with a helluva dowry.

Give me my ancestors who were considered tawdry;
Especially those who had a lot of jewelry.

How 'bout those whose plans went awry;
Who just simply wanted to sit down and cry?

Or the one who dared to defy;
Or maybe the one who dared not
Because she was too shy?

I have found none who left home
To marry a carny;
But I've come across a few that spoke
A lo' o' blarney.

There was the one I've heard
Who ran 'round like a banshee;
'Course, she was the sis of the
One who had a bat in the belfry.

Those who stretched the truth vastly;
And those who were downright ghastly.

Some could be considered
A "little miss goodie two shoes"
Yet there were others who
Hated to lose.

Some were quite girly;
While others were a bit burly.

Not all were part of the gentry;
The others came from the country.

There were those whose eyes were beady;
And some who were quite greedy.

Others with nose in the air
Were quite haughty;
Those who didn't care
Were especially naughty.

Some were liars;
And some were criers.

A few were klutzy;
But even more were gutsy.

Some were tall;
And some were small.

I even have a third great-grandma
Who supposedly was an herbal cure-all.

Then there were those who were grumpy;
And those who were seen as a bit frumpy.

"Heavens to Betsy!"
I'd be remiss;
If I didn't mention those
In absolute bliss.

There were those who were known
As "One Hot Mama";
However, I've yet to find one
Who owned a llama.

'Tis very true;
They are quite the motley crew.

But, Oh! How they sit there
In All their glory;
How could I not tell
Their Family Story?

[This poem, and I use the word loosely, was written for the 89th Carnival of Genealogy entitled, "Ode to My Family's History".  The beautiful banner was designed by the talented footnoteMaven.]


  1. A rhyme so fine. Congrats on completing your Ode! Well done.

  2. Good job! I enjoyed reading this!

  3. Aaaaaaa, I love it! Well done! I think a lot of people can relate to your family! :)

  4. Great job! Loved it!

  5. You definitely have a gift! Very creatively done!

  6. Talented writer, Caroline. No wonder you won that caption contest LOL

  7. How fun! Don't you love how eclectic families are? There are always stories to stumble upon. I love using them as starting points when I write fiction.

    Thanks, Carolyn, for another great post.

  8. Tag, you're it ~ I've sent you A Blogger's Best Friend award ;-) You can pick it up here:

  9. I see you have already been honored with a Blogger's Best Friend Award, but I just had to give you a second one! I am SO blessed to have you in my life! Thank you for your everyday support and encouragement. I really appreciate it! :)

  10. What a great job, loved your sense of humor in this one.

  11. Caroline, Oh, what a fun romp through the family tree! Well done, and so very entertaining.

  12. What an interesting and fun sounding Family Tree! You've done a great job in honoring and memorializing your family!


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