Friday, August 14, 2009

Best Friends

This is a collage of my Paw Paw [grandmother on dad's side] and her best friend Hazel.  While sifting through some old photographs of my Paw Paw, I found an old envelope with no letter inside.  However, I thought that it was neat to keep because it's my grandmother's handwriting and it has their addresses on the envelope.  The envelope was postmarked 31 Dec 1943.  My Paw Paw would have been 30 years old, and it was 2 days after my dad's seventh birthday.  The black and white photograph, judging by other photos of my Paw paw, was taken probably ca. 1939 [Paw Paw on the right and Hazel on the left].  The color photo is one of my Paw Paw [on left] and Hazel [on right] taken around 1977...and that cute, adorable child practically inhaling the snow cone in the sticky heat?  Why, it's ME, of course!  If I had to guess [which I do], I'd say we were in Breckenridge Park in San Antonio, Texas.

This post is a part of the Postcard Friendship Friday McKlinky hosted by Marie at her blog Vintage Postcards~Cpaphil.  Go take a look at all the vintage postcards and mail-related images.  It's a virtual walk through time!

Postcard Friendly Friday Link

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