Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can You Say Genealogical Jackpot?

I Can...
Last night the kids and I [hubby is out-of-town] went to father-in-law's house to eat some incredibly good grub. [Of course, all meals that I don't have to prepare are incredibly good...] Some of my father-in-law's family was in town and eventually all the old family memorabilia came out...I had no clue what's been sitting in my father-in-law's house all this time! [He lives about 10 minutes away from us.] So, can you guess what I'm doing the rest of this week? Yup, scanning, photographing, indentifying, "database-entrying", etc., etc.... Just some of the items in this collection are:
  • 125-year old Autograph Album of my hubby's great-grandmother, Pearl Williams;
  • A book of Longfellow's poem "Evangeline" belonging to Pearl;
  • A collection of Red Man chewing tobacco trading cards featuring American Indian Chiefs;
  • One of Pearl's War Ration Books from World War II;
  • A matching jewelry box and photo album that made its way to Iowa by covered wagon;
  • Pocket Watch belonging to Pearl; and
  • A Civil War tin-type picture of one of hubby's great-great-grandfathers' brother who was shot in The Battle of the Wilderness and was imprisoned in Libby Prison, where he died.
So, I'm going to be a little busy for a while. I think I sense some more family stories I get to share [I dunno. Maybe.]...



  1. Oh my goodness! You did hit upon a jackpot. I can't believe its been there all that time and he never told you.
    How exciting to have all these things especially that Autograph album. That is treasure I'm sure.
    Have fun with your new finds.


  2. OK, I'm officially jealous!
    What a wonderful find!

  3. So much good information. All those pieces of daily life make for the best stories and illustrations!



  4. I'm extremely happy for you. A treasure trove like this doesn't come along very often. Take good care of these wonderful gems! You've really been blessed! I sure enjoyed looking over your photo.

  5. Lucky you! What a wonderful treasure. Congratulations.

  6. A cousin had had a box of our grandmother's old family photos, certificates and such for over 10 years and only last year got around to inviting me to ID photos and such. The treasures! So many questions answered! So I'm not jealous, but thrilled that you found a jackpot too! (Yes, you will be busy for awhile!)


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