Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter + Margaritas = Runaway Bunny?

One year at Easter [I must have been in middle school], my dad had decided to relax out on the deck.  We'd already been to church, and we had stuffed ourselves with ham, deviled eggs, and my mom's potato salad [which used to be my Gran' mine now...and one day will be my daughter's].

Well, dad had made some margaritas and was sipping on one while sitting in the hot tub on our deck in the backyard, relaxing.  All of a sudden, a huge bunny rabbit hopped across the yard.  [Yes, you heard right - a bunny rabbit on Easter, no less.]

My dad rubbed his eyes, opened them, and yup, it was a still there - a huge bunny rabbit, white with grey fur.  [I'm tellin' you, you couldn't make this stuff up.]  Anyway, he yelled out for someone to come and see it.  [Yeah, if I were him, I'd want a witness, too]  So, one of my older sisters and I went out there to see what the fuss was all about.

My sister and I looked, rubbed our eyes, looked again, and started laughing.  It was huge, and it looked like it was someone's pet.  My sister and I decided to catch it and return it to it's owner.  [Do you realize how hard it is to catch a runaway bunny?...Not fun.]

Well, Runaway Bunny led us on a merry chase through bushes that left scratches all over us, but we did prevail.  Luckily, we'd been right about him being someone's pet - he was tame.  What we would've done if he hadn't been, I don't know. [We were caught up in the moment.]  Dad, I think, was just glad that it was real and not the aftereffects of too many margaritas.

My sister and I went house to house, put up signs, and did everything we could to find Runaway Bunny's owner.  No luck.  After about a month, it became clear that Runaway Bunny was my new pet.  He was huge, ate a lot, and was very tame.  Basically, he was a big "sweetie pie".  Did I mention he was huge?  When he stretched out while relaxing, he was about 2 feet long, or so, with long ears and soft fur.

So, that was the year the Easter Bunny left me Runaway Bunny.  He has a funny sense of humor - that Easter Bunny.  Strange though, Dad never did drink margaritas in the hot tub again [at least not on major holidays].  Could you imagine?  [Santa, turkeys, cupid, ghosts, goblins, etc.]

So, have a Happy Easter, and may the Easter Bunny show you his sense of humor, too!



  1. I love family stories! I always thought if I had time, I would start a blog.

    I have some pretty funny stories about my grandfather and great-uncle back in the day ( also involve alcohol)

    Stop by my new blog, Bloggers Connect sometime and leave your link

  2. Love the runaway bunny story. Found you from MBC.

    Keep up the good writing. Best, Jillian

  3. Such a fun story. Should be written and illustrated for a children's storybook!


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