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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Harrison Blacketer

My Great-Grandfather

On the way to my husband's family reunion in Iowa last week, I suggested to my husband that we make a pit stop.  At a cemetery.  What convinced him to stop, I think, was the fact that it was "just" off the freeway.  And it was.  But there are 3 exits for the town of Cameron located in Clinton County, MO.  And it wasn't until the 3rd exit that we found the cemetery.  [Backtracking, of course.]  But found it we did.  With my husband, 2 kids, and I canvassing the small-ish Graceland Memorial Cemetery, it didn't take long to find my Blacketer's.  My mother's father's family.  Our family that we knew nothing about thanks to a tight-lipped grandfather with secrets.  [I know I don't have the corner on grandfather's with secrets.  But, seriously?  Both of mine?  Oh well.  It makes the research much more interesting.]

Anywho, my son was the one to find them.  Beckoned with a "Mom. I found them." [Words a genealogist loves to hear, yes?], I hurried to see my great-grandfather's tombstone along with my great-grandmother's and a great-uncle and his family.  [Sigh.]  The tombstone featured below is my great-grandfather's Civil War tombstone, which is located near the tombstone he shares with his wife, which I'll share next week.  [No sense in sharing everything all at once.  There are many more Tombstone Tuesday's to go.  You know?]  Harrison Blacketer served for the Union side in Company H and was a part of the 12th Mounted Cavalry for the state of Missouri along with his brother, Samuel Blacketer, who also served in the 12th Mounted Cavalry.  Their father, Howell Blacketer (my 2nd great grandfather), also served in the Civil War for the Union side for the state of Missouri.  I have no idea where Samuel is buried, but I do know that my 2nd great-grandfather, Howell, is buried a couple of counties over and a little further north in Missouri.  However, it's not "just" off the freeway, and I didn't want to push my luck.  I had a ton of cemeteries to drag my family through to visit with my family in Iowa. [Wink.]

I don't know much about Harrison except that in one census he was married to an Estella Cordelia (Davis) Smith.  Then the next census he was married to her daughter, Martha Jane Smith, who is my great-grandmother.  I've found his marriage record to Martha, but not to Estella.  But Martha Jane was only about 10yo in the census he is listed as being married to her mother.  There's a story there.  Probably a really good one.  Oh, and seriously?  Martha? Jane?  Smith?  Davis?  [Sigh.]  I guess I shouldn't complain.  At least there's not a Mary in there.  [Snort.]


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