Saturday, July 9, 2011

SNGF ~ Family Stories' Blog Elevator Pitch

I'm a Cheater
Okay. It's been a while since I've done Randy's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun [SNGF] [Yes. Genealogists are fun. You didn't know that?], but I knew it'd be pretty easy because I knew I could cheat use my About Page info. After all, I'd already made it pretty short [for me].

Now here's Randy's SNGF Challenge tonight [if we choose to accept it]:

1. Write an elevator speech for your blog based on Tonia Kendrick's Blog series, 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog, #31 WGBG: "Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Blog."

2. Post it on your blog, in the comments on Randy's blog, on Google+, etc.

3. Leave a comment on Tonia's Elevetaor Pitch blog post. [Lots of blog traffic link love here, folks.]

Now. Tonia recommends that your pitch should be between 100-150 words. And I thank God for that because I read a few other people's pitches before reading her suggestions, and they were a lot shorter, which kind of put a crimp on my idea to cheat use what I'd already written on my About Page. [Snort.]

So. Here's my pitch:

Dead people like to talk. And I like to listen and write their stories down. Sometimes their stories are sad. Sometimes they're happy. And sometimes they're downright naughty [if I'm lucky]. 

So. Family Stories is where I write it all down. Their bad decisions. And their good decisions. The times they got it right. And the times they couldn't have been more wrong. It's where I tell you about them in hopes that they won't be forgotten. Everything they've willingly told me. And what I've had to pull from them. They're imperfect. Just like you. And just like me. But they're mine, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So take a look around. Read a few stories. Laugh. Cry. Shake your head in disbelief. [*snort* I do it all the time.]

For these are my family's stories.

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