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Surname Saturday: Have you Seen These Vaughn's?

I have two sets of Vaughn lines in my family.  One is in my mother's line and the migration pattern is Vermont to Canada to Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan then to San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.  I plan to talk about this Vaughn line at a later date.  The Vaughn line that I wanted to share with you today is on my dad's side, and is connected with my Martin line that Roscoe Benton Martin is related to.  You didn't really think that I'd talk about anyone else did you?  There's a method to my madness.  You see, I figure that if I talk about related lines to the Martin's, and specifically, Roscoe, from the same area that I might connect with another researcher who happens to stumble upon my blog who might know something.  It can't hurt, right?  Anyways, this Vaughn line so far goes back to a David Vaughn.  I haven't "met" a researcher that has been able to get any further back.  However, I have "connected" with another David Vaughn researcher who had a bunch of research done on this line through Rootsweb's message board.  Here's what I know:

  • David Vaughn [my 5th great-grandfather] was born supposedly in 1772 in North Carolina.  [Again, no need for pesky details to get in the way...]
  • David supposedly married a Nancy May who was supposedly born in Virginia.  [Quite "sketchy" at best, is it not?~but later census~if correct~back it up...]
  • Have found seven children of theirs so far: Polly [b.1807], Lemuel ~ my 4th great-grandfather ~ [b.1809 VA], Colbert [b.1814 VA], Samuel [b.1818 KY], Wesley [b.1823 KY], Hiram [b.1824 TN], and a David [b.?]  [Good golly, Miss Molly~there's another Polly!  Will this "Polly" craziness ever stop?  "Polly?"  "Yes?"  Half of the female population in Johnson Co., IL replied in unison.]
  • Lemuel [4th great-grandfather] as mentioned above was b. 1809 in Virginia, and he married Narcissa Bridges [b. in Kentucky] in 1830 in Kentucky.
  • Lemuel and Narcissa had 12 children.  [Goodness me.  I bet their house was never quiet...]
  • Their children were as follows: Emeline [b.1831 KY], Rollin/Roland [b.1833 TN], Alexander ~ my 3rd great-grandfather ~ [b.1 Nov 1834 TN], Catherine [b.1839 KY], David [b.1836 TN], Elihu [b.1838 KY], Mary J. [b.abt 1840 KY], Martha [b.1842 KY], James G. [b. 1843 IL], Samuel [b.1845 IL], Lorina [b.1847 IL], Meridian [b.1849 IL] [You've got to be kidding me ~ another Mary and Martha duo?  I wonder if this Mary was called "Polly" too.  Hey, I'm just curious...]
  • David & Nancy [May] Vaughn along with their grown children ~Samuel, Lemuel, Hiram, & Wesley~ are located in Johnson Co, IL in the 1850 census.  [The rest of their kids?  I dunno.]
  • Alexander married Matilda Adeline Jane Simmons [daughter of John Calvin and Amy (Hufman) Simmons] 2 Aug 1854 in New Burnside Village, Johnson Co., IL. [Wow.  3 first names.  I bet she's named after female relatives...any "takers" on that bet? ;) ]
  • 1854 ~ Hiram Vaughn [Lemuel's bro] purchased 40 acres in Johnson Co., IL
  • 1855 ~ Lemuel Vaughn [my 4th great-grandfather] purchased 160 acres in Johnson Co., IL
  • 1857 ~ Lemuel's sons Roland & Alexander [my 3rd great-grandfather] each purchase 120 acres in Johnson Co., IL
  • 1857 ~ Lemuel's bros Hiram & Colbert each purchase 80 acres
  • 1857 ~ A David Vaughn purchases 160 acres. [Not clear which David this is my 5th great-gf or Lemuel's bro??]
  • Alexander and Matilda had 9 children all born in Johnson County, IL: David, Wesley, Elberry, Matilda "Tilda", Lurania, James Andrew [b. 13 Apr 1857], Catherine Caroline ~my 2nd great-grandmother~ [b.12 May 1864], Lucinda, and Albert [19 Apr 1872].  [Isn't my 2nd great-grandmother's middle name awesome? ;) ]
  • Photobucket
  • 1860 ~ David Vaughn ~my 5th great-gf~ dies in Tunnel Hill, Johnson Co., IL.
  • aft 1879 ~ Lemuel dies. [4th great-gf]
  • 4 Dec 1887 ~ Catherine Caroline Vaughn ~my 2nd great-grandmother~ marries Rollie B. Alley & they have 4 children: Bertha B., Willie R., Lillie Maye ~my 1st great-grandmother & Roscoe's mom~, and Walter Alley.
  • 1908 ~ Rollie passes away.
  • Lillie Maye Alley
  • abt 1908 ~ Lillie Maye Alley marries Joel Arthur Martin Johnson Co., IL ~these are my 1st great-grandparents.  Lillie Maye was b.1891 Johnson Co., IL, so she marries at the tender age of 17 Joel Arthur Martin who is 36yo.  Surprisingly, this is Joel's 1st marriage to the best of my knowledge...
  • Lillie and Joel have 4 children: "Little Pearl" who passed away 5 hrs aft she was born; Roscoe Benton b.1911 Johnson Co., IL; Rettie Maye [my grandmother~Paw Paw] b. 1913; Mabel Irene [b.1915]
  • 1911 ~ Alexander Vaughn ~my 3rd great-grandfather passes~ away in Johnson Co., IL
  • 1918 ~ Lillie Maye passes away at the age of 27, when my Paw Paw is abt. 5yo and Roscoe is abt. 7yo.
  • The Colboth's and Catherine
  • Catherine Caroline Vaughn goes on to marry William Thomas "Tom" Lowery.  Then after his death, she marries William "Bill" Colboth.  However, she doesn't have any children with either of them.  [Many thanks to my Paw Paw for writing these marriages down in chronological order on the back of a photo of Catherine Caroline.  It would've taken me much longer to find these marriages.]
  • Catherine Caroline (Vaughn) Alley Lowery Colboth passed away 8 Jun 1943 in Johnson County, Illinois at the age of 79.  [I included all of her married surnames because they represent some pretty old and big families in the Johnson County, Illinois area.]
  • I'm going to take a big leap in logic here and say that my Paw Paw's Paw Paw, Catherine Caroline, was probably the main mother figure for my Paw Paw until my Paw Paw moved to Texas, as my Paw Paw's mother, Lillie Maye passed away when my Paw Paw was about 5yo.  Also, Joel Arthur Martin, my Paw Paw's father never remarried [that I know of].

Catherine Caroline Vaughn Rettie Maye Martin

So there you go.  Have you seen my Vaughn family?  Their main migration path was North Carolina to Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kentucky, then Johnson County, Illinois.

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  1. My 3rd great-grandparents are John Calvin Simmons & Amy/Ammy (as on Tombstone), Shuffield/Hefman. There seems to be a difference in the last names for Ammy, on her daughter's (Matilda), death certificate her son wrote "Shuffield". On my 2nd great-grandfather's death certificate (James Ferrell), Matilda's brother, his son wrote "Hefman"? This is still an unanswered question to this day?
    Don Kelderman
    Griffith, Indiana


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